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Renu HCG

How Are All These People Losing Weight So Fast

3-Letter, Weight Loss
Secret Revealed

Real People… Real Results… Real Happiness!

It’s surprising but true! There are 3 little letters people are raving about that are helping them lose weight fast. Here’s what they have to say…


“Lost 9 Pounds In 2 Weeks…It’s A Blessing”

“My 2 week total weight loss is at nine pounds. My second week loss was less. I think that was my fault because although I consumed very little fat, I consumed more carbs. Nevertheless, I feel great and to having lost nine pounds in 2 weeks is a blessing. I have been trying to get ten pounds off for the past two years. My hip and back pain have decreased and I have more energy. My goal is another seven to ten pounds. If I could just see the 170′s again and get in all size 12′s, I will be happy. ”

—Iris S., Virgnia

“The Results Are Shocking”

This HCG is working out great!!! Initially I didn’t have much to report to you, but now I’ve lost 11 pounds since I last emailed you on October 3. I’ve been using the Renu HCG in conjunction with the Drop Slim and the Colon Cleanser. I feel great and the results are shocking. I’m looking forward to losing a couple more pounds.

—Melonie Brown


I have tried different things to get rid of my belly fat without crunches, thanks to RenuHCG I have seen some changes in the mid-section. I still have a long way to go but in 1 1/2 weeks I already see a difference.

When I read your email that I can take the Drop Slim with the HCG well it made it the more AMAZING. I can’t believe the energy I have to work off….during my lunch hour at work and in the evening when I get home.

I placed another order on Friday….don’t want to run out.

NOW, my sister is asking me for the name of the product.

—Lynn Mitchell, New Jersey

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2 Pounds in 2 Days

I am drinking a gallon of distilled water daily, eating an almost identical breakfast to the one you suggested, oatmeal w/strawberries and 2 small hard boiled eggs and spinach salad (raisins, pecans, chicken)for lunch, and veggie chicken, spinach whole wheat spaghetti for dinner. Tons of fruit throughout the day not many carbs or bread products but I do eat smaller portions. And most importantly I stop when I’m full. I am now walking about 3 miles in the evening daily; but because I sprained my foot usually I run. This is from the Renu HCG alone—no Drop Slim or Colon Cleanse. For the last 2 days I have dropped 2 lbs. from 188 to 186, so I currently have 36 more pounds to go.

—Aisha Crews

5 Pounds in 5 Days

Good news. I’ve been taking HCG for almost 5 days now and so far I’ve lost 5 lbs. I’ll send you another update once I’ve finished the bottle, but it’s definitely helping stimulate my weight loss. I’m using it in conjunction with the colon cleanse (taken 3 times weekly) which I’m sure is helping me as well.


I just weighed myself. I lost 3lbs in four days”

—Margaret A. Crenshaw

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“I Have To Remind Myself To Eat”

I am having good results. I am taking Drop Slim with my HCG. I need to get the colon cleanser. I am not hungry. I have to remind myself to eat. Will order the colon cleanse tonight. Thanks



I’ve lost two pounds in 1 week – AMAZING! I’ve never been happier in my life. I actually “feel” slimmer – my stomach (where I tend to lose first) is shrinking more and more each day. Today starts my second week, I’m going to incorporate more walking this week – it’s been raining here in Virginia for the past two weeks, my goal is to lose 2-3 lbs this week also. I know it’s doable because I’ve done it before. My only regret is that I didn’t order two bottles :(!!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much, this really is a BLESSING!


“I Am Delightfully Surprised”

I have been on it the Renu HCG for five days and I feel great. I am also losing apound a day. I am following the diet you suggested. I am a nurse practitioner and tend to be skeptical about dietsand some herbal meds. I am delightfully surprised and will see thisthrough until I reach my twenty pound goal. If this continues to workwell, I will become your spokeswoman for HCG. Mysister is already excited.Do you have more HCG available?I willkeep you posted.

—Tracy Powell

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“Cut My Appetite”

I’ve been on it for 3 days and it has cut my appetite. I hadn’t had any weightloss. I will be going out of town so I won’t use it until I get back and I willlet you know how it is working.

—Annette Lenton

“This is AWESOME!”

It took me 1 week. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost another 2 lbs!! This is AWESOME! I am on my way to losing the remaining 30 lbs by December 31st.

—Lawinthia Ayers

“7 Pounds In A Week…I Didn’t Believe What I Saw”

When I started taking Renu HCG Monday I weighed myself 1st thing in the morning and I was 302.8lbs. It is now Saturday, October 8, 2011 and I weighed myself twice (because I didn’t believe what I saw on the digital scale). I weigh 295.2!!! That’s 7lbs. in a week and I only took the drops once a day; in the morning. In addition, I took one Drop Slim tablet. I haven’t done much different this week in reference to working out. So once that happens watch out!!

—Melissa Isbell

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“I Feel Truly Better”

It’s been 5 days as of today, I have not weighed myself but I truly feel better. I will keep you posted.


“I’ve lost 7lbs!! I am so excited!! This is truly a Godsend!!”

The HCG drops are working!! I started on Monday, Sept. 26, and so far, today Friday the 30th, I’ve lost 7lbs!! I am so excited!! This is truly a Godsend!! I know that I will stick to this because it is so easy and best of all I’m not tired or hungry like on other diets I’ve tried. I drink a lot of water and watch what I eat, as you suggest, and I also workout for at least an hour everyday!!

I have continued to take the Drop Slim & the Colon Cleanse with the HCG and I feel good and energetic and praising God for YOU!!! I truly trust you & your products and I appreciate you putting them out there for us at an affordable price!

—Janie Rico

“I have lost 6 pounds so far!”

Started almost a week ago! I have modified my diet and work out for about 20 minutes a few times a week… I also take your Drop Slim fat burner every morning with Renu HCG… I cheated today and went out to lunch but I still feel great! I have another 30 pounds to loose so I am hopeful this will get me past my plateau and on the right track!

—Michelle Pianim

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“I dropped about 3 1/2 pounds so far”

I’m doing pretty well using the HCG. I dropped about 3 1/2 lbs so far. I recently started taking the colon cleanser 2 days ago, and I’m getting better results like you said. I will continue following your tips and can’t wait to see what the end is gonna be.

—Patray Huguley

“Lost 8 Pounds in 6 Days”

I started HCG last Saturday. To date, I have lost 8 lbs and looking and feeling good. I lost 2 lbs the first day and 2 the next day. On the third day, I gained 2 back. I don’t know what happened. So that day I attended my zumba dance class. The following morning which was Thursday and my 5th day using HCG, I’d lost 3 additional pounds. So here it is Friday day 6 and this morning I was down 3 more pounds. I just received my Drop Slim Plus today. I am expecting to see even more weight loss.


“After 2 days, I lost 4 pounds”

Well I started taking the HCG the next day after I got it in the mail. After 2 days, I lost 4 pounds.


“I’m Losing Inches From Around My Waist”

I started my HCG exactly a week ago. I’ve only been taking it twice a day and I can already feel a difference in my clothes. My weight is not changing yet, but I know I’m losing inches from around the waist. This week I plan to incorporate exercising as well as taking the Renu Colon Cleanse with it.

—Dawn Hall

“I’m already down 12.8 pounds!”

I started using the HCG on September 23rd, and praise God I’m already down 12.8 pounds! I’ve been praying for a breakthrough for so long. The enemy keeps whispering that this isn’t going to work or it isn’t going to last.I’ve got a lot of weight to lose.So, please pray for my strength against these attacks.

—Fanita Cheek

Here’s The Story Behind HCG

As much as I love being the herbal-cleansing lady… my biggest thrill is on the occasion I discover something so truly amazing, it has my customers calling and emailing me, telling me how many compliments they’re getting.

This is one of those moments. You’re really going to love this.
Here’s the story: Over 50 years ago an over-weight doctor was doing some interesting experiments with naturally produced hormones. This doctor had traveled the world looking for a way to win an award for his work. Luckily, he settled in as an endocrinologist—and he worked with women who wanted to lose weight.
Over the course of years, to the shock of many in the medical field, he stumbled upon something so amazing, even critics had to confess…

“This Is The Most Important Weight-Loss Discovery, Ever!”

This doctor, hands down had uncovered the way for anyone to lose weight quickly and easily. It became a well-documented medical fact: the hormone HCG that naturally develops in a woman’s body during pregnancy will enable your body to reconfigure the use of fat cells making them burn faster than ever before.
But what really amazed almost everybody was…

Just How Fast HCG Works!

With a restricted calorie diet, people were reporting not feeling hungry while losing a pound or more a day.
Well I’ve seen similar results in people who’ve dropped about the same amount of weight…over 50 years after this doctor’s study. In fact, here are more testimonies from those experiencing these breakthroughs…


14 pounds in 3 weeks using Renu HCG

A quick update on me…I have lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks using HCG. I eat less, walk 3-4 times a week, and have been trying to follow the diet (but some days have strayed). All in all, I have managed to drop 14 pounds and keep it off in 3 weeks (I had to take one week off for my cycle). I just ordered 2 more bottles to help me reach my goal of 50 poundsthat I want to lose.

—Kiana Meriedy

Clothes Are Able To Fit Now

First, I am not one who likes to weigh themself, but I can tell you what I have noticed since I’ve started Renu HCG. Some of the clothing that I was not able to fitis now fitting. I know that I have lost, but I am not sure how much. I am still using your product Drop Slim for additional help and I am taking fiber. I will admit that I have not started my plan for exercise, but plan on starting at least by next week. I will let you know when other changes take place, and I will weigh myself so that I can know where I am pound wise and of any additional weight loss when including exercise.

—L. Coleman


…let me tell you, you haven’t seen amazing results like these before. I was completely shocked at what I’ve seen: a dear friend who went down a dress size in just 6 days… a girl who lost a pound a day… a famous woman who’s keeping her waist thin, simply and easily just by taking Renu HCG.

Think about it… it would be practically illegal to come out and say you can get overnight weight-loss results. But that’s exactly what some women (and men) are experiencing!

Just 10 drops under the tongue a few times a day and you’re set. Your body is processing fat cells like never before.

Questions About Renu HCG Answered

When I’m in my store in Houston, I usually get asked a bunch of questions about HCG. So to help you make an intelligent decision I’m going to share the questions and answers I usually get from customers.

“Does this stuff really work?”
Yes! It really works. All the testimonials you see on this page are from real people. They’re very happy that they’re losing weight. There are a few, however, who may not get the same results due to other medical conditions.

“If it does work, how?”
Over 50 years ago a doctor discovered that the hormone “human chorionic gonadotrophin” (HCG) when injected into a person somehow makes the hypothalamus (a part of your brain) secrete hormones that tell your body to process fat.

This hormone (HCG) is naturally released when a woman is pregnant. It’s done because “mommy” has two mouths to feed. So even though it’s natural for a woman to gain weight during pregnancy, she actually doesn’t gain as much because of the release of HCG.

Fat is just stored energy. So when you have HCG in your system, your body goes to work using fat (stored energy) as its’ energy source.

In a nutshell, when you take HCG, you’re telling your body to use your fat.

Can I take HCG if I have high blood pressure and diabetes?
I always recommend that you speak with your doctor first if you have health problems, before starting any weight loss plan. Most with this condition are experiencing great results because Renu HCG does not affect your heart rate.

Research presented at the American Heart Association conference in Washington, DC reported that small changes in weight can make bigger differences in the blood pressure of adults and children who are overweight.

Parents may help their children, as well as themselves, to lose weight by encouraging them to eat more fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Dropping excess pounds could improve your blood pressure, in addition to reducing the risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

“Ok, should I eat less then?”
Yes, of course. There’s no miracle of losing fat if you continually eat and eat and eat. It won’t happen.

All the weight loss products I sell, I make sure the let you know, that you have to change.

So you can’t eat whatever you want, whenever you want and expect to lose weight.

That’s a lie.

“Is it a pill?”
50 year ago it was given with an IV (intravenously). But now,I have a perfectly safe homeopathic method you can take.

No needles or anything like that.

You take about 30 drops a day. It comes in a little bottle. You squeeze the dropper under your tongue.

That’s it. Really simple.

It was a struggle to find a reliable source of HCG. But luckily, I have one. It’s been working wonders for my customers. And, it will do the same for you.

The demand was so high for this product, I had to go out and find a source. People kept asking me if I carried it. Until now, I hadn’t given it much thought. But because you asked for it, I figured I had to get some.

“What do I need to eat when taking it?”
I’ve put together meal guidelines for you. When you get RenuHCG, you’ll automatically get the guidelines in an email.

In fact, here’s the email…


Below are some ideas for taking the HCG Weight Loss Drops for Maximum Results:

Start off with 10 drops under your tongue on an empty stomach three times a day. However,
most of our customers prefer to take 15 drops in the morning and another 15 drops before lunch or dinner.

Primary beverage should be water – in the amount of one cup every hour, max 8 cups.

As the drops go in to attack fat cells, the water intake will help dissolve the fat deposits and eliminate them from your system.

Sweets, especially sodas, even diet ones, are also to be avoided as much as possible as sugar makes you fat and may increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Guess what else? It ages your skin and causes wrinkles too. Soda which is loaded with sugar primarily in the form of high fructose corn syrup is a leading contributor to the health decline of chronic diseases facing Americans. Did you know that one can of soda contain 10 packets of sugar and the bottle contain 17 packets? Drinking a can or bottle of soda each day equals 150 calories a day, which adds up to an extra 19 pounds of body fat a year!

It is recommended that you not take during menstrual cycle.

It is also suggested that you take the Renu Herbs Colon Cleanser to help eliminate excess waste that could be accumulated in your system causing weight gain especially in your mid section.

For those of you who really want to jump start your weight loss, it is also recommended with the Drops, to take our Drop Slim. If you need additional help with food cravings and need more energy, then Drop Slim. But if your weakness is food and sugar cravings, then Drop Slim Plus is designed for you.

White flour products and sugar are so dangerous for one’s health. The higher the amount of refined foods you eat, the higher will be the amount of insulin produced in your body. This will raise storage of fat, leaving you more prone to gaining weight, especially in your mid section, and producing cardiac problems along with artery blockage and diabetes.

White flour products include: bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, bagels, white rice, crackers, muffins, biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, etc.

We recommend that while the Weight Loss Drops is designed to suppress your appetite, you still want to make sure to eat as clean and healthy as possible. We always recommend organic meats and eggs as well as fruits and veggies. We suggest organic foods because they do not contain antibiotics and growth hormone (estrogen) that has been injected into animals, especially meat and eggs.

As mentioned above, the extra water intake is very vital to your weight loss success. Follow this protocol as close as possible and watch the pounds melt away!

First thing each morning, try to have a bottle or glass of water next to your bed, and drink before rising. This is an excellent way to get your bowels going and nourish the kidneys.

Food Suggestions: Feel free to mix and match. This is just a general guide:


Egg white omelet with veggies and ¼ avocado if desired
Renu Herbs Drop Meal Protein Shake (new)


Lean protein with ½ small sweet potato(butter and cinnamon) with salad or plate of veggies.

Dinner (try to have dinner no later than 7:00 pm)

Large green salad with grilled protein
Protein with vegetables and salad

If you find before bed time you become hungry, have a few boiled eggs or our Protein Powder.
Eat steadily, and healthy, all day long. Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do for your body. When you’re hungry, your blood sugar drops, stressing your adrenal glands and triggering your sympathetic nervous system. That causes light-headedness, cravings, anxiety and fatigue. Snack on foods such as carrot sticks, nuts, berries, eggs etc.

Skipping breakfast is particularly bad, as it is a sure fire way to gain, not lose, weight. If you start each morning with a good breakfast and “graze” healthfully every two to four hours, your blood sugar won’t take any sharp dips. You’ll feel more rested and energetic.

You are allowed to have one cheat day per week, but no more than that if needed.

It is also important to do some form of exercise like walking 30 minutes a day for maximum results. Research shows that walking each day can help reduce high blood pressure and clogged arteries.

I encourage that you stay focused and please send us your Success Story!!

God Bless,

Robin Anthony

—Melonie Brown

You have to follow them.

Some people suggest eating 500 calories a day when you’re on HCG. I can’t back that plan. I don’t think it’s safe. And, it’s so hard, I don’t think many will follow it.

So, I put something together for you to make the transition to a “thinner you” a little easier. Once you purchase our HCG, we will email a HCG protocol that explains exactly how to take it and a “suggested eating plan” to follow.

Just one more question to answer…


How Do I Get Renu HCG Today?

Here’s the deal: Renu HCG is priced so fairly customers are calling it “a steal.” You can get it today for just $39.95. Go online and search. You’re not going to find a trusted source of HCG for that price anywhere.

Of course, Renu HCG is backed by my company’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can return it within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase price.

Give it a fair try today. You’ll enjoy the results. It’s exactly what every woman (or man) wants in a weight-loss product: simple, easy, fast—that’s what you’ll get in Renu HCG.

Just imagine finally looking the way you want and feeling great about yourself. Real people are experiencing those feelings for the first time.

Jaws will drop when they see the “new you.” It will be completely up to you if you let them in on your little secret: Renu HCG.

Get it today. You deserve it.

Order Now!

Supplement Facts:

Active Ingredient: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 6x,12x,30x,60x
Arginine 3x,12x,30x, , L-Carnitine 3x,12x,30x. Ornithine 3x,12x,30x,

Inactive Ingredients: DI water, 20% ethyl alcohol.

Directions: Adults, 10 drops of Renu HCG Homeopathic, 3 times a day, or as needed for hunger or energy. Place Renu HCG drops under your tongue and hold for 10 seconds to allow for absorption. Take between meals. May also take 15 drops in the morning before breakfast and 15 drops before lunch or dinner depending on one’s schedule. Store Renu HCG Homeopathic in a cool, dark place.

Not to be taken while on menstrual cycle, nursing, pregnant, or any medical condition.

If you have a medical condition, please consult with your practitioner before beginning these drops.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Natural Weight Loss Hormone

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