Detox Tea

Revitalize and Renew your Entire Body
Detox Tea cleanses toxins in your blood and restores your health and well-being…
Giving you more energy than you’ve had in years!
Detox Tea helps eliminate toxins in your system.

Toxins are all around us. They’re in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the air we breathe. Our world is full of toxins: pesticides, chemicals, and artificial ingredients that overload our bodies.

Once these toxins get into your blood, they can cause many problems.

Excessive toxins in your body can lead to serious health problems, like…

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Heart disorder
  • Headaches
  • Chronic colds
  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Hang overs

The best way to repair the damage to your body and cleanse your blood is with Renu Herbs’ Detox Tea.

Detox Tea contains the perfect balance of seven powerful herbs that identify the toxins in your blood, break them down, and get rid of them. There are no side effects, and you can use it over a long period of time. You’ll start to feel better immediately, and the health problems associated with toxic blood will disappear!

You may even experience significant weight loss. Because much of the toxins hide in fat cells, getting rid of them enables you to drop pounds more easily.

What happens when you take Detox Tea?
The benefits of the Detox Tea are incredible. After you start your regimen you may find some or all of these results have occurred:

  • Weight loss
  • Abundant energy
  • Sleep soundly
  • Reduce period symptoms
  • Minimize indigestion
  • Have fewer colds
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Look and feel fantastic!

What makes Renu Herbs Detox Tea so special?

Our tea is more potent than anything you’ll find in a health food or retail store. That’s because our organic herbs are harvested at their peak. Then they are soaked in a secret solution to activate all the healing powers hidden inside them. Then our master herbalist presses them to release the potent medicine, making sure you get the maximum benefits from our formula. Every drop packs a punch that will cleanse your body like nothing else.

How to take Detox Tea

Detox Tea is simple and easy to take.

Take 2 entire droppers into 1 ounce of water on an empty stomach 2 times a day. Use in conjunction with the Renu Herbs Colon Cleanser for maximum results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Detox Tea cannot be taken if the following apply: pregnancy, nursing, kidney dialysis or organ transplant.


Rhubarb, Burdock Root, Sorrell, Slippery Elm, and Red Clover.

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Renu Herbs Guarantee

We pride ourselves in only using real, certified, wild-harvested, fair trade, organic herbs. The reason this is important to you is many companies are importing herbs from foreign countries grown with pesticides and chemicals.

I wouldn’t put these in my body, so I don’t want you to either. Therefore, we source all our herbs from farmers in the U.S. that are certified organic.

If after taking any Renu Herbs product, you’re not completely satisfied with your results, simply return the unused portion and we’ll promptly refund your investment.

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