Renu Silica

Got High Blood Pressure… High Cholesterol… or Joint Pain
and still want to lose weight?
Discover Nature’s Miracle Mineral
This amazing mineral found in nature and generally absent from the Average American Diet, has an astounding track record, yet hardly anyone knows about it. It has been…

Proven by the 1939 Nobel Prize winner, Professor Adolf Butenant, who said you can’t live without it.

Written about by Dr. Barbara Hendel… who said it is the single most trace mineral for human health.

Discovered by scientists to keep your brain healthy as a way to protect from Alzheimer’s.

Known by scientists to be absolutely crucial for good health.

Discover for yourself the health secrets that lie hidden in this little known mineral.

“I weighed 233 pounds in August and now I am 213 pounds.”

On August 10th, a day before my 46th birthday, I went to the doctor for shoulder pain. The doctor said that it was inflammation/bursitis and noticed my blood pressure was high (150/90). She gave me medication for both, however, the medication for the inflammation did not work.

On September 7th, I received the Renu Herbs Silica Powder and started taking it right away. When I went back to the doctor on September 14th, my blood pressure had decreased tremendously, it was 117/70, and I had also lost seven pounds! My doctor was surprised, but I wasn’t. She took me off the blood pressure medication and since then, my blood pressure has remained from the range of 116/67-118/77 and the pain in my shoulder is GONE!

Best of all, I weighed 233 pounds in August, and now I am 213 pounds without exercise. I can start to exercise now that my shoulder pain is gone. I have more energy than ever before and my skin looks beautiful with a glowing radiance!

– Demetria Williams

“Renu Silica relieved my food cravings!”

I started feeling better on the third day of taking the Renu Silica. I have more energy, possibly due to replenishing the minerals that were lacking from my diet. I’ve not had any food cravings, and I’m feeling less hungry overall. My skin is visibly better, smoother and glowing, something I’ve not seen in a long time.

I’ve suffered from knee, lower back, and sciatic pain for quite some time. Within three weeks of taking the Renu Silica, my knees felt better and continue to feel better every day. My lower back is more flexible, and with no achiness and I can now walk my dog. I have noticed an increase in my endurance and strength.

It was a surprise to me that the Renu Silica relieved my food cravings! I no longer need to snack between meals and I’m hungry only twice a day. I still love food, but no matter how yummy the food is now, I eat only a single portion. I eat whatever I want, but desire food in small portions. I’ll keep gulping down my Renu Silica in grapefruit juice as long as I can! I believe in the miracle of the body God has given me, and Renu Silica is part of that ‘miracle’ too.

– Jack Lyons

“I lost 20 pounds with Renu Silica Powder”

The Renu Silica Powder is nothing but the truth! I bought the powder about three months ago, and after about three weeks of using it, I went shopping for some slacks. When I tried on the size 14 pants, they were way too big for me! I thought I was losing my mind, so I told the lady to get me another size 14 as well as a size 12. The size 14 was still too big, and the size 12 fit perfectly.

I couldn’t believe it! This product works, and it feels great when people notice the changes. I have about 2,000 people on my Facebook page, and I let everyone know that I lost 20 pounds with the Renu Silica powder. I am so glad I was listening to the Yolanda Adams Morning Show. Thank you, Robin Anthony!

– Shay Lassiter

Healing Power You Never Knew Existed…
It’s God’s Miracle Mineral

This may seem like just some obscure powder. But its mineral content is what gives it so many wide-ranging health benefits. It is actually comprised of about 85 percent amorphous silica, and also contains approximately 20 trace minerals, including 3% magnesium.

Besides its ability to halt the signs of premature aging, it can also make so-called age spots fade into oblivion, repair and maintain lung tissue elasticity, and much, much more.

Silica Helps Destroy Bad Fats Locked Up in Your System

You may know “bad fats” as cholesterol. And you probably know high cholesterol can be a sign of a future heart attack. Silica has been moving cholesterol levels into normal ranges within four weeks, give or take. Now that’s no guarantee you’ll have the same experience, of course, because everyone’s body is different.

A 12-week study showed its positive benefits on serum lipid (cholesterol) levels in 19 healthy adults ages 35 to 67 years, with a history of elevated cholesterol. Their cholesterol, HDL, LDL and triglycerides were measured before the study, every second week during the study, and four weeks after study completion.

Compared to baseline of 285 +/-, silica (in the form of diatomaceous earth) was linked to a significant reduction of cholesterol at any time point – reaching 248.1 at week 6. Pretty remarkable, wouldn’t you agree? LDL cholesterol and triglycerides also decreased. And four weeks after the silica regimen was stopped, all these levels remained low… and their HDL (so-called “happy” lipids) were higher. Then, of course, there’s the other fat…the belly fat that clings to your waistline. Silica stimulates your metabolism for higher energy levels and greater calorie burn.

Many people are testifying that Renu Herbs Organic Silica is helping them lose weight. They’re saying that taking Organic Silica in the morning keeps cravings at bay all day.

“I just ordered another bottle”

Thank you for this product! It has brought my blood pressure down from 130/85 to an averaging 110/70. I know this is because of the product because I stopped taking it for a few days, and my blood pressure went back up. My doctor was shocked to see how controlled my blood pressure was, and I showed her that it was not the medication but it was Renu Silica. Not only was my blood pressure excellent but my LDL was 90 which is awesome. Thank you, Robin! I just ordered another bottle.

– Sabrina Evans

“I haven’t felt this good since the early 90’s”

For the past 10-12 years, I haven’t felt up to par. I want to say THANK YOU as I haven’t felt this good since the early 90’s. The Renu Silica has changed my life, my siblings, my friends and my co-workers lives. I feel it’s my mission to tell everyone about the Silica because it is so amazing.

People were asking me, “what are you doing?” I told them, “After only four weeks, I no longer have high blood pressure as it went from 179/110 to 123/76. I no longer have hot flashes. I have had two surgeries for my urinary tract infections, which Renu Silica has helped improve. The ringing, buzzing sound in my ears has now decreased. My skin is now tighter, clearer, with less age and dark spots! My diabetes number are much lower. I was spiking to 280; now I am 105-130, which is the lowest I have been. I have lost weight, going from 204 to 178 pounds! My hair is thickening, and my skin is glowing. I am full of energy!”

– Tonya Harris

Who Else Wants a Healthy Heart?

Organic Silica can support healthy circulation and regulate blood pressure – both of which are important for a healthy heart.

People who use Renu Herbs Silica have reported sometimes staggering, life-changing changes in their blood pressure. It’s even shocking their doctors.

Now of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that your results may be different than theirs.

Silica is vital for proper functioning of your cardiovascular system, and decreases the risk of coronary problems. Your heart and arteries need it for structural integrity, elasticity, and permeability. Similar to what it does for your face.

Studies show that as you age, you lose silica supply from your aorta, your heart’s key blood vessel. Thus you could weaken its critical connective tissue and put yourself at greater cardiac risk. Science shows that silica is up to 14 times more abundant in the arteries of people who are free from heart disease.

“I started shouting in the exam room”

I recently had my yearly physical, all types of blood work was done to make sure that all organs are functionally properly. Well, the first problem to come up was my blood pressure. My numbers were 145/88 … Immediately I began to panic because I didn’t want to be put on anti-hypertension agents … Well, to make a long story short I joined the gym and ordered Renu herbs silica. I began to take the silica every morning without fail and prayed that my blood pressure would regulate. Well, I went back to the doctor on March 9th to have my blood pressure checked, and my numbers were…are you ready for this…117/76…I started shouting in the exam room. I know the nurse thought I was crazy… I was so excited I had the nurse to check my blood pressure a second time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I could go on and on…
– Shawn Jackson, Houston

– Shawn Jackson, Houston

“Renu Silica is the solution!”

I have been taking Renu Silica for three weeks now, and it is the solution to everything that has affected my health.

Let me explain. I will soon be 48 years old and I suffered from psoriasis, hair thinning, weight gain, and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis and psoriasis are at the top of the list. I use doctor prescribed cream for my psoriasis. As for osteoarthritis, I’ve tried several over the counter pain relievers that only worked for a few hours, so my doctor wanted to prescribe me a muscle relaxer. After I had found out the side-effects, I said “no!” and this was when I decided to try the Renu Silica powder. Thank God, I did! I no longer suffer from the daily “stiff pain” in my joints. I take the powder every night, and I am thrilled to sleep well and to wake up with no pain. I have also noticed, it curbs my appetite, and I am looking forward to less hair loss and better skin. May God continue to bless you with providing a resolution and alternative to so many health issues that we face in this world.

Helps Keep Your Brain Young Too

Everyone wants to protect their brain from dementia. Who wouldn’t?

Scientists are concerned that the accumulation of heavy metals such as aluminum, combined with mineral deficiencies can tangle your brain’s nerves and lead to Alzheimer’s.

Aluminum finds its way into your body in insidious ways… like deodorant, toothpastes, cooking pans, aluminum cans (soda) and even medications and vaccines.

Emerging research suggests that a dietary silica deficiency can cause an increase of aluminum retention – and its ultimate buildup in your brain.

A 2013 study showed that drinking up to 1 liter of a silicon-rich mineral water each day for 12 weeks helped remove aluminum via the urine in both patient and control groups without removing essential metals, such as iron and copper.

The aluminum burden fell in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and at the same time, cognitive performance showed clinically relevant improvements in at least 3 out of 15 individuals.

Silica appears to help your body usher aluminum out of your system and show it at the door. Giving you your best shot at a youthful brain that keeps on keeping on for your entire lifetime. Because who wants to have their brain “check out” before their body does?

Aids Joint Mobility and Supports Strong Bones

As you age, your bones tend to become weaker and more brittle. It’s a common part of aging. And it can be dangerous too, as it can cause your bones to snap.

Taking a calcium pill and hoping for the best? Forget it.

Taking calcium can’t correct or stop this threat because you can’t assimilate calcium without silica. Calcium by itself makes your bone calcium leach away even faster.

It’s like hitting the aging accelerator for your bones and supportive tissues.

“Stopped taking silica and all my pain came back!”

I’ve had three operations on my right knee, and five on the left knee. My shoulders are a mess from the military, so pain was normal. I stopped taking the Renu Silica for 10 days and all pain and symptoms came back. Do you know what I did then? Ordered more! Robin, this powder works!

– Kay, Houston

“I forgot about the pain because wasn’t there anymore!”

I had recurring knee pain because of two operations on both knees. I was in constant pain and learned to live with it, but then you introduced me to the Renu Silica powder. For the last month, I have taken it every afternoon, and within two weeks, I forgot about the pain. It wasn’t there anymore! My body was obviously was deficient in the minerals. My blood pressure has normalized, and my skin looks really good. I’ll be 57 years old this October, and I’m looking good! Most people don’t think I am older than 45.

– Brother Larry Jones Co-Host, The Yolanda Adams Morning Show

“No longer stiff and achy!”

I am no longer stiff and achy. My knee and ankles no longer swell. I can get up without having to hesitate to see if my knee will straighten out so that I can walk. I am so much more active. Since I have been taking the Renu Silica, I have been able to go anywhere and sit anywhere…bend, run and sleep without any regrets. I am so happy as it is like having new cartilage. I can ride my bike without stiffness or pain. I was even able to run for a bus this morning on my way to work. I always had the fear that if something or someone was after me, I couldn’t run. This is a miracle supplement! I am also losing weight and can skip a meal without being hungry. I feel great, and my skin looks great too. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.

– Lynette Young

Removes “Junk” and Inflammation
You probably already know that a body full of toxins – whatever their origin – is a body just asking for trouble. You’re designed to “burn clean,” not to “burn dirty.”

As silica’s millions of cylinders move through your body, stomach and digestive tract, they attract and trap fungi and other pathogens, pesticides, candida and yeast, E. coli, and heavy metals. They also find, “cut up,” and kill any larger parasites that are lurking in your stomach and digestive tract.

No wonder people report that they “feel so much better”!

It no doubt comes from getting all that “junk” out of your body, removing the yucky mucous from your digestive tract so you can better absorb nutrients, and giving your immune system the jump start it needs.

“On Top of the World” Energy

Silica also helps protect your vital lung tissue from toxins and protects it from pollutants. By reducing inflammation, it helps maintain the elasticity of your lung tissue… which is clearly one of your body’s most vital functions.*

But wait… there’s more.

Silica, like many other supplements, has a broad influence that can help you feel on top of the world.

Besides helping boost your metabolism, your beauty, and supporting your heart, lungs, and brain, silica helps to restore your life.

“I am feeling great!”

This is early on, but I started taking the Renu Silica about a week ago. The first day went by, and I didn’t notice anything in particular, but on day three I was feeling great! I have more energy, a lack of appetite and I am eating smaller portions. I used to need a little something sweet every day, but now, I don’t even want it. Not only that, when I had a little sliver of cake today, my stomach felt upset and nauseous.

I was in a car accident ten years ago and had to have surgery on both of my knees. I have been told I may have to have a full knee replacement. Lately, I notice I can kneel down whereas I couldn’t before at all. There is change happening, and I love it!

– Michelle, New York

“I have been thanking God for you Robin”

I was having cramps in both of my calves causing pain when I walked, exercised and danced. My doctor told me to wear the very expensive compression stockings. The stockings would relieve me, but the pain was still there. After I had completed the container of the Renu Silica, I noticed I didn’t have any more pain. I was walking, dancing, and exercising without any pain in my legs nor am I wearing the compression stockings anymore.

We take our body for granted, thinking it will always work properly, but I was in bad shape wit my leg pain. I have been thanking God for you, Robin, and counting my blessings each day. I am so thankful for the full use of my legs without any pain. I want more Renu Silica and have been telling others about it. Thank you so much, Robin.

Your sincerely satisfied customer,

– Vernell

More Amazing Benefits of Renu Silica

skinRenu Herb’s Raw Organic Silica is like an internal cosmetic.

It helps prevent the signs of premature aging and preserve a youthful appearance.

Accelerated aging occurs when your connective tissue degenerates and loses its ability to retain moisture. In other words, its elasticity. That’s when wrinkles and other signs of aging show up.

If you have enough internal silica, your collagen keeps you looking far younger than your calendar years.

But it’s not just for your skin, either…

Get long, thick, shiny hair!

Your hair deserves to be pampered, too.

Your hair is nearly as rich in silica as healthy bones are. It is that critical to how your hair looks and feels.

Imagine your hair strong and beautiful – the opposite of course weak hair.

Silica helps revitalize and restore the texture of your hair, stimulates healthy hair growth, and assures its beautiful shine, luster and strength.

That’s why you’ll want to be sure your ongoing hair care program includes silica.

Nails So Beautiful You’ll Wonder at the Transformation

Unhealthy nails indicate an unhealthy person. Your nail health reveals clues about your overall health.

Discoloration, dryness and brittleness are key indicators of nutritional deficiencies. Of course, you should scrub sugar from your diet and be sure you drink lots of water.

Your nail plates are complex protein structures that grow four to five millimeters per month on average. Silica helps fragile nails become normal again. It beautifies your nails, makes them thicker, tougher, and less prone to breaking and splitting, and makes them shinier.

“My stylist compliments my hair when I use Renu Silica”

“Every time I go see my stylist, she compliments me on the thickness and texture of my hair. She knows upon first touch whether or not I’ve been taking Renu Silica. It’s an amazing mineral that’s worked wonders for my hair.”

– Robin Anthony

“People ask me what I’m doing to make my skin glow”

Renu Silica powder has become one of my favorite things. As a breast-cancer survivor I get night sweats due to the hormones I must take. The Raw Organic Silica Powder has absolutely lowered them. Plus, small pains I’ve always dealt with have gone away.

And I love this part… people are coming up to me asking what I’m doing to make my skin glow…that’s when I share my little secret: Raw Organic Silica Powder from Renu Herbs!

– Ebony Steele – Co-Host, Ricky Smiley Show

“My age spots disappeared”

My two dime-sized age spots on the right side of my face disappeared after taking one tablespoon of Renu Silica everyday for the last three weeks.”


“For the first time in years I’ve had fingernails!”

My doctor could not believe how much my cholesterol and blood pressure went down! For the first time in years, I’ve had fingernails, and I can’t believe how strong they are and how fast they’re growing! My complexion is smooth and unblemished! When I brush my teeth, I dip my toothbrush in the silica, and I love the way it makes them feel squeaky clean!

– Dionne, Houston

“Nails look like a French Manicure””

I’ve been taking Renu Silica for four weeks, and I’m amazed at how good I feel. I’ve had body aches and headaches since the age 13. I’m 38 now, and they’re finally gone.

My nails are now so strong and thick that when I get manicures and pedicures, I just get them buffed, and it looks like a French manicure. I am also getting compliments my glowing skin and not to mention how fast my hair is growing!

I’m so grateful and will forever use this product. It has helped my mind. At times I had racing thoughts and it was hard for me to concentrate. Now, I’m calm, think clearly, don’t rush to decisions and don’t feel panicked…all while feeling and looking great. I feel like a new person and switched up my look up in honor of the “new” me.

Thank God for Renu Silica and may God continue to bless you and your efforts.

– April Grant

“My hair and nail growth is such an added bonus!”

I recently asked my daughter, “I wonder what’s causing my nails to grow so much!” I’ve been eating cleaner by making green smoothies, and I put my Renu Silica in every smoothie! Even when I buy a smoothie from the store, I am sure to keep my Renu Silica with me so I can add it on the go. I initially bought the Renu Silica to help with my cholesterol, but the hair and nail growth is an added bonus! My nails are long and hard, to the point where they are too long, and I have to keep them trimmed. Thank you for sharing this!

– Tiffany

Pretty White Teeth that Glisten

Your teeth could be whiter, shinier, more beautiful, and less of a maintenance chore for you. What could be sweeter? Silica helps hardens your enamel, keeps your teeth healthier, and protects the integrity of your gums (keeping your teeth soundly in place).

Silica’s restorative beauty benefits are most noticeable on your hair, skin, nails and teeth because of their strong need for collagen. That’s because silica works synergistically with other antioxidants to prevent premature aging and to preserve your youthfulness.

Simple to Take… Awesome to Experience

An increasing number of people count silica as their favorite supplement and are dedicated to using it.

My family and I take one to two tablespoons of Renu’s Herbs Silica powder in a liquid every day. Some people see benefits from as little as one teaspoon. Start small and add to it. You’ll find your own best levels. Any excess is naturally eliminated through your kidneys and intestines.

Mix it with water or your favorite beverage. It doesn’t dissolve, so stir it several times as you drink it to prevent settling.

There is no bitter taste to Renu Herbs Silica powder. It’s very tolerable.

On the whole, most people are comfortable starting off with 1 teaspoon daily, then after 1 week increasing to 1 tablespoon per day. After another 1 to 2 weeks, it’s easy to increase to 2 tablespoons per day, splitting the dose between morning and afternoon.

It’s best to allow Renu Herb’s Silica time to move through and absorb toxins from the digestive tract, without absorbing other substances, such as medicines or nutrients, along the way. So take Renu Herb’s Silica on an empty stomach, 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating, and/or 4 hours before or after taking medications.

I do offer one important caution for how you handle your Food Grade Raw Silica.

Do not breathe it, because it is a very fine powder, just like baby power is. So don’t slap it around because you could damage your lungs.

“Exciting and soothing to my whole system”

I’ve been plagued by chronic health problems and constant food cravings for years. I thought I might have a parasite, but no doctor would entertain this. I began taking the Renu Silica twice a day between meals (not with meals), and it started to change my life.

After two weeks, my constant food cravings stopped. Eating normally became much more satisfying. My food bill immediately went down. I noticed clumps of what looked like worms in my stool three times. My digestive system and whole body are feeling so much better. It’s so exciting and soothing to my whole system, yet it gives me energy. I am a very excited customer!

– Mike, San Diego

“Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

I have been using the Renu silica product for about one month, and it is amazing is that my big toenail is growing out the toe fungus I have had for too many years. I have tried prescribed medicine twice, topical tea tree oil and an aromatherapy product. Nothing has worked like your product has. I have also noticed more flexibility in overworked muscles and tendons in my neck area. Thank you for such a wonderful product!

Sherry Long, Houston

“All my pains have lessened tremendously and I even lost 14 pounds!”

My husband and I have been on Renu Silica for seven weeks. I have a degenerative spine and arthritis in my hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Because I’m overweight, I also have a lot of other pain, but now all my pains have lessened tremendously. I have even lost 14 pounds!

Over the last few years, I was losing hair and had dark circles and bags under my eyes. Now, people are saying my hair shines more and is getting thicker…filling in where it was thinning before. The circles and bags under my eyes are gone, and my complexion has improved as well.

I was also suffering from horrible hot flashes, but since starting Renu Silica, my night sweats are down 75%! This, alone, is worth it to me! In the past, mood swings caused me to stop watching my grandchildren because they aggravated me. I would get angry and yell at them, but now I don’t do that. I’m so thankful for this marvelous product!

– Gertrude, Bakersfield

“You Must Be Pleased” Guarantee

We use only real, certified, wild-harvested, fair trade, organic herbs in our products. This is critical, as many companies import herbs grown with pesticides and chemicals from foreign countries (some of which are infamous for their toxic environment).

As you might presume, I wouldn’t consider putting toxin-laden herbs into my body. And I recommend you don’t either.

That’s why we source all our herbs from certified organic farmers right here in the U.S.

If you use any Renu Herbs product and are not completely satisfied with your results, simply return the unused portion and we’ll promptly refund your investment, less shipping and handling.


Raw Organic Silica

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Renu Herbs Guarantee

We pride ourselves in only using real, certified, wild-harvested, fair trade, organic herbs. The reason this is important to you is many companies are importing herbs from foreign countries grown with pesticides and chemicals.

I wouldn’t put these in my body, so I don’t want you to either. Therefore, we source all our herbs from farmers in the U.S. that are certified organic.

If after taking any Renu Herbs product, you’re not completely satisfied with your results, simply return the unused portion and we’ll promptly refund your investment.

* Required FDA Disclaimer:
Content on this site is for reference purposes only, based on reviews from users of raw silica. It is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health care professional. User statements regarding this dietary supplement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Those with health problems, pregnancy, or who are nursing are specifically advised that they should consult their physician before taking any nutritional supplement.

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1 Wachter H, Lechleitner M, Artner-Dworzak E, Hausen A, Jarosch E, Widner B, Patsch J, Pfeiffer K, Fuchs D. European Journal of Medicine Res. 1998 Apr 8;3(4):211-5.
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